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Cake and flowers for everyone, except some

Out In Jersey magazine Editor Emeritus Toby GraceThe uproar about laws allowing businesses and professionals to discriminate on the basis of religious beliefs is to some extent what my grandmother would have called “a tempest in a teapot.” If a baker doesn’t want to make me a wedding cake for whatever reason – be it that I’m gay or have red hair or am not of his or her faith or just because the baker is a “cake Nazi” and I said the wrong thing when I entered the shop, why would I want to force that person to provide something I intend to eat?

Some history on the concept of “conversion therapy”

oij triangleThe concept of “conversion therapy,” or curing homosexuality, began with Sigmund Freud when he claimed that homosexuality could be ‘cured’ via hypnosis or psychoanalysis. And, until 1973, the American Psychiatric Association classified homosexuality as a mental disorder.

“Terminal Bar”: a pictorial record by Sheldon Nadelman and Stefan Nadelman

BOOK TerminalBarCoverSMBy any standard, New York’s Terminal Bar, located on the edge of Hell’s Kitchen across from the Port Authority bus station on 8th Avenue just off 42nd, was an unlikely candidate for a gay bar. It had one of the roughest reputations in the neighborhood, and most of the customers passing through the battered wood-framed glass doors certainly appeared to fit the bill.

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