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Governor Christie vetoes pro-LGBT surrogacy bill

Chris Christie upsetTRENTON, NJ – On the day before announcing his candidacy for President of the United States, Governor Chris Christie vetoed bipartisan legislation passed by the New Jersey Legislature – the New Jersey Gestational Carrier Agreement Act.

Obama used the n-word appropriately

Barrack ObamaWhen news broke that President Obama used the n-word during the podcast interview WFT with Marc Maron about America’s racial history, it caused shock waves. We are shocked because we are all confused as to when — if ever — there is an appropriate context to use the word. 

Have you been married in 2015?

Owedding bands over rainbow flagut In Jersey magazine would like to feature as many LGBT couples from New Jersey as possible in a new section called "Just Married." The online version will be posted shortly and many couples will also be featured in the print magazine.

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