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Community Pet is pawsitively perfect for potential pet parents

PETS bumbleCommunity Pet Care is a nonprofit rescue organization helping animals in the New Jersey/ Philadelphia area. Their mission is to rescue animals that have by no fault of their own ended up in bad situations. A foster-based rescue organization, CPC specializes in smaller animals that have manageable medical needs — “fixer-upper” animals that would otherwise be overlooked or underserved in a shelter environment.

No one respects a traitor

Out In Jersey Editor Emerits Toby GraceVidkun Quisling is a name not generally known today outside of Norway. “Quisling” has become synonymous with “traitor.” His story is not unlike one we have just seen exemplified on the stage of the Republican Convention.  Vidkun Quisling was a conservative Norwegian politician whose pre-World War II career had been modestly distinguished.

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